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2006 we  moved to France from Germany. Our 43 hectar horse farm now is also the home of our 11 horses , three we bought as a foal, six were born here and two were young horses when we got them. All of them except "Special" were trained and started on a journey of a lifetime of learning by us.  All of them turned out to be safe and reliable horses , a joy to ride and to be with.

Susan Pfeifer on Leo's Golden Biscuit

Classical Homeopath since 1998 and " Pferdefachwirtin (Kölner Pferdeakademie") -degree in horsemanagement 2006               

44 years of horse experience with an emphasis on natural horse management and training , my training is completely based on positive reinforcement

Co-author of the books: "Hengste erziehen" (educating stallions)-  Müller Rüschlikon publishing house 2008  and  "Georgos Vithoulkas - Der Meisterhomöopath", Goldmann-Arkana 2001

Anthony with Luna

 My  son Anthony Pfeifer with Tempete and Special

My  son Adrian Pfeifer loves animals , but only rides occasionally. 

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Anthony is a good rider and knows how to listen to  horses


Uwe  (father of Adrian and Anthony and the owner of "Special")  and Anthony 

Uwe is in charge of technical problems on the horse farm, he enjoys taking care of the fields and cutting grass. Besides that,  he works for Lufthansa and has to shuttle to Germany frequently.

Peter, the soul of our horse farm.  He is our hoof expert and trims all our horses feet besides many, many other things that have to be done.

Author of three books: "Der letzte Mustang" (The last Mustang" - Müller-Rüschlikon , 2009

"Hengste erziehen" - Müller-Rüschlikon, 2008

"Georgos Vithoulkas - Der Meisterhomöopath", Goldmann/Arkana, 2002

"Equestrian World" - te Neues Verlag 2017


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