Leo's Golden Biscuit - our American Quarter Horse stallion

Offspring: Tali, Biscuit's Gentle Booster, Tempete and Elvyala, Amber Moon, Secret, Spirit of Rambos and many more with other mares in France

Foundation Stallion:              Pedigree: 2 x Leo, Skipper's King - Skipper W, Grey BadgerII, Senorita Sonoita, Mc Barr - Three Bars

Our horses enjoying their new field!

Luna negra (Andalusian mare)

Working outside, enjoying the autumn colours

Picture Gallery

GMG Special in Black (American Quarter Horse gelding)

                                                                                                Excursions to the Atlantic

Elvyala ( Leo's Golden Biscuit  x Morena)

GMG Special in Black ( American Quarter Horse gelding)

Adrian Pfeifer and Anthony Pfeifer with Special and Bibi

Looking towards Bazian

Canter or.....

Successful trailer loading   using natural horsemanship techniques, patience, feeling, respect and positive reinforcement

Tempete, Anthony and Special

Tempete, Biscuit's Gentle Booster, Elvyala and Morena (mother of all three of them, father: Leo's Golden Biscuit)

Anthony with Bisbille

.... trot, Leo's Golden Biscuit is THE most comfortable horse.

Riding tour with pique-nique

Spanish Mustang in training


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