Breeding:                  stud fee for Leo's Golden Biscuit  (American Quarter Horse - foundation stallion)   -     500 Euros (Quarter Horses) and 300 Euros (other breeds), (only natural service available, the mare can stay on the premises for an extra 80 Euros per month) , see part of the pedigree at the picture gallery!

Leos Golden Biscuit is registered with the AQHA and studbook Francais and he is DNA typed.

Characteristics: American Quarter Horses are quick over short distances, sure footed and agile. They make comfortable mounts for trail riding and are dependable for all day farm work. The compact muscular silhouette of the foundation type Quarter Horse is unmistakable. With its calm, gentle and steady demeanor they are the ideal family horse or horse for the beginner rider. They tend to be ‘easy keepers’ living well off of good pasture or hay.

Riding vacation:    Please check  

Language camps, summer only: all inclusive stay 14-18y old girls,  French lessons (riding possible , no extra charges, but at one's own risk) please contact for exact details,

Seminars: Natural Horsemanship clinics 

Homeopathy for animals ( in Germany for humans): , there is a google translator on this website!!


All the following quotations resemble the philosophy of our horse farm:

"You’re not working with just a machine; you’re working with a mind. The horse is a thinking, feeling, decision-making animal and each one has a distinct personality.
But the human always acts superior. The human thinks it's smarter; it always wants to have things its way and right now. It wants to be boss.
If trouble comes up, the human turns it into a contest with the horse. But if you do that, watch just may lose." - Ray Hunt

'It's about an attitude and not a method - and the way you want to be with the horse, to create a relationship. You have to create your own relationship with the horse. With a good energy, everything is easier. You have to be cool, and control yourself.'      -  Frédéric Pignon


Anything forced and misunderstood can never be beautiful.  -  Xenophon

Care, and not fine stables, makes a good horse                    - Danish proverb

A lot of people get along pretty well with their horses until they go to training those horses    - Tom Dorrance

Planes, automobiles, trains - they are great, but when it comes to getting the audience's heart going, they can't touch a horse                     - John Wayne

He knows when you're happy - he knows when you're comfortable - he knows when you're confident - and he always knows when you have carrots                               - Author unknown

When I'm working with a foal, I try to keep things interesting enough for it, but anytime the foal gets a little unsure and wants to withdraw, I back up and take a fresh start; maybe then, or some other day. ... On these young ones, if they get confidence in the person and themselves, then all a person has to do is watch that he doesn't destroy it.                           -   Tom Dorrance

In my opinion, a horse is the animal to have. Eleven hundred pounds of raw muscle, power, grace and sweat between your legs - it's something you just can't get from a pet hamster.      - Anonymous

There isn't any room for force when you're teaching this to the horse. With force in there, why, he won't learn what you're hoping he will, but he'd be learning a lot about resisting a person  -  Bill Dorrance

Horses see through us like we're Lucite                    - Marcella O'Neill

Once a little girl falls in love with horses, it never goes away. I'm just like a little kid. I kiss my horse on the nose. If I could kiss him on the lips I would.             -   Vicky Moon

When I first started riding seriously five years ago, I was like everyone else, just get on the horse and hang on. Now,I'm very mindful of my connection with my horse. It´s pure and trusting. It's a lesson I am learning when I'm with my son, Wyatt. I'm in the present because that's what he wants and needs. If I'm thinking about the next thing, I'm not living, I'm anticipating.     - Sheryl Crow

A horse's soft blowy kiss on my neck sends a light tingle from my head to my toes. I cannot get enough.                 -       Jane H. Davison

The horse is an archetypal symbol which will always find ways to stir up deep and moving ancestral memories in every human being.          -       Paul Mellon

A bad-tempered man will never make a good-tempered horse.   -     Anna Sewell

If you are going to teach a horse something and have a good relationship, you don't make him learn it  -  you let him learn it.                  -  Ray Hunt

Horses are incredibly perceptive, and this is their first similarity to human beings. They have taught me that if I enter that barn with a negative attitude, I am going to get negativity back, and I am going to be responsible for setting the mood for my entire day. So every morning when I enter my barn, I do so with the same exitement that should be applied to the beginning of everyone's day.                                                        -   Tena Bastian

A horse thinks, feels, makes decisions. Treat him like a friend, not a slave. People have to learn that whatever the horse does is right. You're the one who got into his life; he didn't get into yours.                                                                             -     Ray Hunt

The rider must learn to understand what he or she is feeling and how each movement should feel when performed correctly. .... Learning feel for the horse and for the moment in the rider's own body takes a lifelong commitment. Commitment implies continuous self-awareness and analysis of the horse's reactions to develop technique into the real goal  -  the art of feeling.      -            Conrad Schumacher

In all equine activities, one is searching to obtain a perfect harmony in the connection between man and horse. This connection is not physical, but mental and emotional. We can only obtain this particular balance when we first understand the horse and its behavior.   -     AQHA "Fundamentals of Horsemanship"

Young people are really drawn to horses, which can be a good tool for education. Horses can teach us so much about ourselves and life. Horses will make you honest and caring. You can't lie to a horse. They sense fear or meanness. You can't be grumpy and treat a horse badly, or it won't let you ride it again. They can teach you life skills, conflict resolution and confidence.        - Shannon Moreaux   

Understanding the horse, as opposed to making him understand us.                - Frédéric Pignon

Every interaction is training in the sense that every interaction teaches the horse something about the person who is handling or riding it. But education is a two-way street. If we pay attention, every single interaction we have with our horses will teach us something, too. Horsemen around the world share certain qualities: a willingness to listen to their horses, a willingness to look at the world around them and ask questions, and above all, a willingness to give their horses the benefit of the doubt at all times.                   -     Jessica Jahiel


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