Leos Golden Biscuit  - he is registered with the AQHA and Studbook Francais and he is DNA typed.


Leos Golden Biscuit, a few months old with his father in the background: Leos Mister Nugget

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 LEOS GOLDEN BISCUIT  ~ 86.71875% Foundation Quarter Horse (FQHA - Foundation Quarter Horse Association)

In the pdf file above , you find his pedigree. Below you see photos of his offspring.

Tali, his very first son, Halfquarter, mother is a Hannoveranian mare. Beautiful horse with the cool personality of his father. Born 2007.

Elvyala, born April 2010, Halfquarter, mother is an Arab and  Andalusian mix

Biscuits Gentle Booster, Halfquarter, born 2008
Tempete,  born 2009 , Halfquarter

Tempete with his little sister Elvyala

His foal from 2011:

His second wonderful filly:         ROXY BELLE, born June 2011, mother: Thouroughbred-mix, 5 months old in the photo!!!

 Cassius, born March , 2012, beautiful little colt, full Quarter Horse

Amber Moon       born August 15th 2012         and                      Biscuits Golden Secret  , born September 6th
American Quarter Horse                                                                          Halfquarter

MORE PHOTOS TO COME............................


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